Ezi Accounting for Business Boxed Software
Ezi Accounting - full function accounting software with inventory control - no hidden extras. Now available for delivery to most of Europe as boxed software.

Ezi Accounting has a very simple user interface with powerful security. Ideal for consultancies, service companies, manufacturers, small to medium sized businesses.

Ezi Accounting is costs much less than full function versions of other accounting packages. Why pay more for an accounting system when Ezi Accounting exceeds most requirements with prices starting at USD 179, inclusive of inventory control?

Ezi Accounting 2.1 is Windows 8, 7 and Vista ready. A new installer allows easier installation. The headings on screens and reports in Ezi Accounting can be customised to suit local needs.

Ezi Accounting has a track record of being used successfully by many different types of business for book keeping, invoicing and accounts in the UK, USA, Australia and many other countries.

Ezi Accounting is available with menus in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French or Portuguese. Visit Ezi Forum for details on how to switch to Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese, and to download the menus.

Ezi Accounting 2.1 allows users to change the headings on screens and reports, also they can be customised to suit local needs.


1 user = £172.50p (inc. VAT)
$194.00 (exc. VAT)

2 user = £217.00p (inc. VAT)
$244.00 (exc. VAT)

The features provided by Ezi Accounting include the following.

Invoicing / quotation
Payments received
Clients details
Sales analysis
Clients statements
Aged clients
Purchasing / purchase orders
Payments to suppliers
Supplier details
Purchase Analysis
Telephone directory
Import / export in standard formats
Setup of E-mail
Stock details
Stock groups
Stock adjustments
Stock analysis
Chart of accounts
Assets, liabilities, equity, income, cost of sales, expenses
Journal posting & entry posting
Bank reconciliation
Standard accounts reports
User file maintenance
Tax file maintenance
Flexible date format, paper size, currency, tax name

Latest support information + installation advice on Ezi Accounting. PC requirements How to upgrade the software. How to remove the software. Visit Ezi Forum for discussions on the use of Ezi Accounting.

Gold Support options is available for enhanced levels of support. Consider the cost to your business if your accounting system is not working.

Download the full manual for Ezi Accounting from here. Additional information is in the integrated help file in Ezi Accounting.
Download The Installation and Upgrade manual here.
Download The Multi-user manual here.

Buy boxed Ezi Accounting and Support by most major credit and charge cards.

See the latest support information and share product knowledge on Ezi Forum

Ezi Accounting has been given a 5 star rating by several leading download sites including Best Software 4 Download, Shareware River, Sofotex and Top Shareware. Ezi Accounting has an average rating of 3.4 out of 5 from 24 users on Softpedia.


Ezi Accounting is being used successfully with lots of different types of small to medium sized business in many countries. Some examples of the types of company are listed below.

Computer Services
Electrical Goods
Garage Services
IT Services
Medical Supplies
Office Supplies
Plant Hire


One Ezi Accounting licence key is required for each company. A 2 user licence is for two concurrent users of the accounting system for one company. Note - a licence key is not transferable once it has been issued.

Prices updated to reflect changes to exchange rates and change to 20% VAT. Prices may be converted from GBP or USD at the time of purchase.

Version 2.1 Prices - Revised on 7th Jul 2016


Ezi Accounting Boxed Product GBP (inc. VAT) GBP (exc. VAT)
1 User (Workstation) £172.50p £143.75p
2 User (Workstation) £217.00p £180.83p
Postage for EU countries £ 6.00p £ 5.00p
Postage for rest of the world £11.50p £ 9.58p
Ezi Accounting Boxed Product USD (exc. VAT)  
1 User (Workstation) $194.00  
2 User (Workstation) $244.00  
Postage for EU countries $ 7.00  
Postage for rest of the world $ 13.00  

Prices are listed for the UK, with a supplement for other EU countries and for rest of the world.

Boxed software includes a licence certificate that can be used to request a permanent licence key for one company name.

There are no annual fees payable unless support or upgrades are required.

Payment can be by PayPal or 2Checkout on Ezi Sales (in GBP) or @ccounting (in USD)

Most major currencies are accepted. Prices are converted at the time of purchase to GBP or USD.