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Retail Man POS 2.5 Software Licence


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Price USD



Retail-Man 2.5 1 User (POS Station) Licence


Retail-Man 2.5 2 User (POS Station) Licence


Retail-Man 2.5 4 User (POS Station) Licence


Retail-Man 2.5 8 User (POS Station) Licence


Retail-Man 2.5 12 User (POS Station) Licence

Ezi Accounting 2.1 Software Licence

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Ezi Accounting 2.1 1 User Licence


Ezi Accounting 2.1 2 User Licence

Note that a 2-user licence will support 2 POS stations for one store. The above prices will be converted by Share*IT into your chosen currency and VAT will be added if applicable.

Updated 22nd Aug  2017