Support Information for Ezi Accounting Software

Ezi Accounting is a low cost solution for accounts. This page contains information that we hope will get customers started quicker. A new version of the package is normally produced every 2 to 3 months.
Customers are recommended to upgrade the software to take advantage of new features and fixes.

Gold Support is available for those customers that require higher levels of support. Please click on the image below for details. Please see the list of resellers, who may offer enhanced levels of support in some countries.

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Minimum PC requirements

  • A PC is required with a minimum of Pentium 233 processor, 25MB of disk space, 600x800 screen, Windows 98 or newer.  A higher specification PC may be required if other software is to be run along with Ezi Accounting.
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 is recommended for PCs that are running with locales that do not use the Latin script.
  • A file server is required for running a multi-user Ezi Accounting system, with one PC per user of the package. Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Server is recommended for the file server.
  • A CD-Writer or similar device is recommended to enable regular backups of the data held in Ezi Accounting.
  • An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is recommend to minimise the effect of power fluctuations and loss of power.

Support Information

Mini Support Guides

Contacting Ezi Solution Support

  • Please look through this page, the documentation and Ezi Forum before contacting Support
  • Send an E-Mail to Ezi Solution if you have questions that are not covered by this page or the manual. We need the information below before we can answer a support question.
    • The version of Ezi Accounting (see Help => About)
    • The version of Windows being used (e.g. 7, 8, 10, Server 2016)
    • The company name (for licensed software)  or The web site where Ezi Accounting was downloaded.
  • Ezi Solution will try to respond to support questions within 24 hours, but this may not always be possible.  A support contract is recommended to ensure the fastest resolution of support issues.

Spanish Arabic French & Portuguese

  • The standard download includes language files in English, Spanish and Arabic
  • Language files for French and Portuguese can be downloaded and installed as a free update
  • Instructions for downloading language files and switching to Arabic language are on Ezi Forum.
  • Instructions for downloading language files and switching to Spanish language are on Ezi Forum.
  • Instructions for downloading language files and switching to French language are on Ezi Forum.
  • Instructions for downloading language files and switching to Portuguese language are on Ezi Forum.
  • The language files for Arabic, Spanish, French and Portuguese have recently been reviewed and updated by professional translators.

Windows 7, 8, 10

  • Install Ezi Accounting using the Administrator account or an account with administrator privilege.
  • Windows Vista and 7 - To start the installation, RIGHT CLICK on the download, then choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR to start the installation. There is currently an issue with Error 1102 being displayed on start-up before a licence key is saved. A fix for this will be available soon. The error can be ignored, so click on the Ignore button to continue.

Ubuntu Linux

  • Still in Beta Test. Ezi Accounting has been tested on Ubuntu 7.04 Linux OS (32-bit), using Crossover Office Pro 6 (not the demo version).
  • After installing Crossover Office, Ezi Accounting can be installed using the steps listed below.

    • Applications - Crossover - Install Windows Software
    • Install unsupported software ... etc
    • New bottle: eziaccounting
    • Create from template: win98


  • Upgrades from similar releases (e.g. 2.1 to 2.1.33) are available free of charge.
  • Upgrades to increase the number of licensed users are available, payable by credit card. Please see upgrade options for details.
  • Upgrades from one major release to another (e.g. 2.1 to 2.7) are available on payment of a fee, payable by PayPal or Credit Card.  Prices for upgrades to 2.7 start at USD 40.00. Full details are listed on upgrade options

Warning - The download for Ezi Accounting 2.7 is for new installations and for  upgrades. A new licence has to be purchased to use Ezi Accounting 2.7.  Customers on support can request a free licence key. A full backup is recommended before upgrading Ezi Accounting. 

Common Issues with Installation & Initial Use

  • Downloads - Ensure that the file is full size (12.9MB). Try downloading again if there are errors during installation.
  • Invoices & Quotes - Words that are specific to your business can be specified under Maintenance -> System Setup -> Sales.
  • Languages - A language file can be created in Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.  This can be used to change the screens and reports to have headings in these languages. Initially all the headings have been created in English. See Maintenance -> User Settings -> Master User -> Settings -> Interfaces.
  • Localisation - Country specific options can be set in Maintenance -> System Setup -> Interface.  Options include the date format, paper size, currency symbol, name of tax.
  • Menus - Ezi Accounting can be used using two menu systems.  Look at Maintenance -> System Setup -> Interface.  The options are Big Buttons or Menu & Toolbars.  The choice of menu system is down to the user.  The background image can be changed on the same setup page.
  • Paths - Make sure the installation path does not contain spaces and follows the DOS path conventions (maximum of 8 Alpha-numeric characters length).
  • Reports - Graphical reports require MS Graph to be installed on your system. MS Graph normally comes with MS Office. If MS Graph is not installed on your system, the reports will not display properly.
  • Screens - Ezi Accounting is designed to run on a 800 by 600 screen size. Use of a smaller screen resolution will cause the information inside its windows to disappear.
  • Server Installation - Install the program on C:\EziAcc on the server, then from the network station, map the server C: drive to F: drive letter, then create a short cut on the station to point you to F:\EziAcc on the server.
  • Backup - The new function requires a DLL file to copied and registered. Copy ChilkatZip2.dll from EZIA folder to c:\windows\system32
    On Windows XP
      cd \Windows\System32
      regsvr32 ChilkatZip2.dll
    On Windows Vista or Windows 7
      Open C:\Windows\System32 folder in Windows Explorer
      Right click on
    CMD.exe and Run as Administrator
      cd \Windows\System32
      regsvr32 ChilkatZip2.dll

Removal of Ezi Accounting

Depending on the version of Ezi Accounting, there are two ways to uninstall the software.
Older - 0pen \EZI_W\SETUP folder and run SETUP.EXE.  One of the options is to remove the software.
Newer - 0pen \EZI_W\ folder and run UNINSTALL.EXE.
Please note that Ezi Accounting for windows does not affect your Windows registry.

Other Information
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