Language and Localisation

Making Your Business Easier

Software downloads from Ezi Solution Systems are provided with the language file for English only, so menus and reports are in English. Language files can be downloaded and installed for the six languages listed below. Click on a button below for more information for help on installing the language and for support information.


The Time and Language settings for Windows need to be set before the language file is selected in Retail Man or Ezi Accounting. For Arabic and Chinese it is recommended that a version of Windows is used that fully supports these languages. The steps are listed below.

Set the Country or Region for Windows Install the Language Pack for Windows Download the language file from Ezi Solution Systems Load the language file Select the language file for each user

The language is selected for each user, so it is possible to have a different language for each user. The settings may need to be changed by a person with Manager access.

Maintenance -> User Settings -> Select User -> Settings

The language file can be customised to suite local needs, to do this click on the Edit button beside Language File.

The Business Details can be set on Maintenance, System Setup, Company. Use of a Business Logo File is recommended.

The local name of Sales Tax can be set under Maintenance, Tax File Maintenance.

The Currency Symbol and Name can be set on Maintenance, System Setup, General.

The message on Invoices and Quotes can be set on Maintenance, System Setup, Sales.

The message on Purchase Orders can be set on Maintenance, System Setup, Purchase.

The POS Receipt details can be set up uploading an image to the POS printer (recommended) and on Maintenance, System Setup, POS.

The Payment Methods can be set up on Maintenance, System Setup, Payments. The names of bank and credit card accounts can be set on Accounts, Chart of Accounts.





Arabic العربية
Chinese (Mandarin) 官话
Dutch Nederlands
French Français
Portuguese Português
Spanish Español